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1.Dont Rape
2.Dont be predjudice (sic)
3.Dont be sexist
4.Love your children
5.Love your neighbor
6.Love yourself
Dont let your opinions obstruct the aforementioned list.

Kurt Cobain’s 6 commandments.


Kurt Cobain, New York, July 1993


“The photograph of Kurt Cobain in tears has been extensively published. Tilton watched Cobain smash his guitar through an amplifier and walk offstage. He followed him backstage. The pent-up emotion ‘just had to go somewhere,’ says Tilton, and Cobain burst into tears. ‘What I really love about it is that it is a very real moment and he allowed it. Other artists would have said, ‘Not now, Ian, please.’ It is very unusual,” adds Tilton, ‘for anyone from a band to show such vulnerability.’”