Lily. 21. Moscow. Dreamer.

I’m not a recluse. I don’t close my door to anybody. They just don’t visit.



"Do you doubt anything I’ve said? Do you doubt what’s in the reports that have followed me around all my life? What do they say, if you had to sum it up? They say I’m insane." (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; 2011)

Unused Lisbeth Salander Stills(Click for bigger)

the girl with the dragon tattoo book covers
She’s different in every way.

Lisbeth Salander walks in: A small, pale, anorexic-looking waif in her early 20’s. Short black-dyed hair - pierced eyelid - tattoo of a wasp on her neck; probably several more under her black leather jacket - black t-shirt, black jeans, black Caterpillar boots.

Frode is only middlingly successful in concealing his initial reaction to her. This isn’t punk fashion. This is someone saying, “Stay the fuck away from me.”